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About Me
Username: UKgameGIRL
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Green
Weight: 93 pounds
Height: 64 inches
Age: 27
City: Cornwall
Country: United Kingdom
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Smoke: Occasional
Drink: Non Drinker
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Work?!
School: Education?!?!
Favorite Food: SUSHI! And pancakes, anything sweet and sour or BBQ. McDonalds, Chicken, Indian Takeaway, mmmmm
Pets: My ragdoll called Honda.
Automobile: A Honda CBR400 and a van.
About Me: Want to see what's on my Wishlist? Hmm? HMM?! And see my Twitter? ... I hate Twitter.FAQ: Updated When Your Ridiculous Questions Become Too Much.Hey, UKgg, What games do you play?Oh, facepalm. That's like asking what food I eat, to test whether I do really eat food or not. I play lots of games and have been since I was a kiddy wink. It all started with a Sega Megadrive and D&D. When I got older I started playing more interesting PC games like Halflife 1, Diablo 1 & 2, Civilization, Myst etc. Then I played more games when I left home like Halflife 2, Indigo Prophecy and discovered the world of Online Gaming. So, I tried my hand at WoW, Aika Online, 4Story, Achaea, DotA, etc. THEN, I decided to buy an Xbox and played game after game, including Mirrors Edge, Mass Effect 1 (which is the worst game ever created), Bioshock 2, Fable 2 and 3, MW2, COD, Battlefield Bad Co. 2, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age 1 and 2 (hate), Assassins Creed 1,2 & 3, Fallout 3 (not New Vegas, yet... sounds a bit buggy...), Oblivion (hate), Viva Pinata (which was fun!), and a bunch of others that sucked too hard for me to remember them. Then I moved to America and got Steam and so far I've only managed to play Borderlands, Portal 1 (not 2, yet... sounds a bit hard...) and a bit of Halflife2Ep1 but I will finish it. I also have a DS (but that's not for gaming, really. It's a DS...) and I love to play Runescape with my Mum who has a level 90-something character. Moved back to England and I also play WoW now, but haven't had much time. Only level 73 retro pally, but I'll find the time to finish levelling eventually. Games I Haven't Played Yet, But Really Should. Eve, Starcraft, Amnesia, Minecraft (the paid for one), and a few others.UKgg, are you on crack? Yes. No, the people you surround yourself with (if anyone, you lonely waste of space) are complete simpletons with not even the most basic understanding of anything outside 'drinking', 'tits' and 'gym'... No, I don't masturbate with the xbox controller simply because it vibrates. No, I don't cum on my motorbike simply because it vibrates. If anything, it's uncomfortable on long journeys. No, I don't cum riding horses simply because I have my legs slightly open, if anything it causes unpleasant humidity and allows various fungi to breed happily between my labia. Sexy? You know it.
Tags: british, cute, ginger, fifth element girl, gamer, biker
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Sunday I'm Always online from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm
Monday I'm Always online from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm
Tuesday I'm Always online from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm
Wednesday I'm Always online from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm
Thursday I'm Always online from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm
Friday I'm Always online from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm
Saturday I'm Always online from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm
Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life: EVERYONE knows that. Fourty two, and don't even try to tell me otherwise or I'll scoop your eyes out with a spoon. I think we're meant to leave the world better than we were when we came into it, and try and leave the world better than it was when we entered it, too. We should constantly be trying to improve ourselves.
Five Things I Can't Live Without: Well, if we're gonna be pedantic about this: Food, Water, Oxygen, Blood and... body parts. But actually, I think I could manage as long as I had: Laptop, Webcam, Someone who loves me (d'aawwww), ATTENTION and snacks.
Favorite Books: Eragon, Tawny Man Trilogy, Shadows Fall, ThinkBot, Anything Fantasy!
What I Like To Do For Fun: Sharpen my wit on the faces on unsuspecting losers wanking in their parents basements, play games and ride motorbikes.
Favorite Songs: Anything Metal! Also have some guilty pleasures, though I don't think any pleasure should involve guilt. Tenacious D rock the whole wide world, MGMT, Brand New, In Flames, Disturbed and so on.
Favorite Movies: Anything Zombie! To be more precise: Zombie films that I have recently enjoyed include Dawn of the Dead (the Remake. Sorry, old skool fans) Resident Evil (the whole bunch of them), Versus (Best. Film. Ever.), Zombieland, 28 Days/Weeks Later, plus all those little ones like Dead Snow, Diary of the Dead, Zombie Diaries etc.etc.etc. I don't mind a good comedy, either... and I adore animated films like Kung Fu Panda, Bolt and Despicable Me; all really funny movies!
Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: Going to mental hospital?
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: In the middle of a Zombie Invasion, tearing that shit up and owning zombie face with a crowbar.
Hobbies: Gaming, gaming, gaming, eating, sex, sleeping, gaming, wanking, gaming, riding horses, motorbikes..
Talents: Gaming, eating, sleeping, sex, gaming, gaming, wanking. I play a bit of piano and occasionally draw tits, too. I ride horses nearly every day and I want to learn the drums!
Perfect Mate: Perfectly gorgeous, 6 - 7 inch dick, good job or good work ethic, interest in bikes, doesn't go to the gym all the fucking time, doesn't spend all his time being a retard with his friends, spends most of his time gaming with me and watching zombie movies. Someone man enough to call me names and get his come uppance. Funny on a very intelligent level. Must know lots and lots about everything and have had troubles in his life, and not be a pussy about it but grow stronger and outwardly tougher while inside his wisdom swells like my belly when it's finally swollen with his seed.Or, lyke, i jus waaant 2 c ur biig haard dick, bbz, eet makes me sooooo horneeey <3<3<3 (ugh)
Perfect Date: Takeout, zombie movie and a bit of questing on some anime MMO, followed by hard, fast doggy style sex and some sleeping. FUCKYEAHHH!
Turn Ons/Offs: TURN ONS: Sex, cock, wanking etc. Also, lions, dominant men, submissive cuties, having my hair stroked, being told I'm a good girl, flawless punctuation and grammar! TURN OFFS: Text speak! UGH! Really turns me off, and makes me unable to masturbate or cum. Seriously... it's the most off putting thing ever. Unless it's making fun of text speak, lyk ths bb, cos it mks me lol, bb.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: Because my moods change. Come and meet the twenty different UKgameGIRLs.... I think I'm actually getting infamous.
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wink wink, I'll be over in a few :]
Ladies. My message board is full of small nomming mammals and videos of Slint declaring his white nerdiness. I need to go play Assassins Creed and eat, but when I get back I expect a wall of joy. JOY and pleasant comments and maybe one more video of The Final Countdown.
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