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Profile Headline: Welcome to Erotic World! Can vote all Jan for First video!
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About Me
Username: EroticTease
CamScore: 4691
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Weight: 43 kilos
Height: 165 centimeters
Age: 105
City: Erotic city
Sexual Preference: Straight
Smoke: Non Smoker
Drink: Light
Drugs: Never
Occupation/Major: Small bussiness owner, manager, proffesional model(not so often anymore.. ).Nextgoal: my vegan place
School: Learned iconomics and law
Favorite Food: Raw and vegan
Pets: Street addopted a few Cats and Dogs
Automobile: Goal: Tesla Model X
About Me: Hello, I am Elena. My Bio is under repair. I am working on it all alone. My native language is NOT english so for me is double hard. I do my best. Mfc is important part of my life now so working to make great Bio for the people who want to share time in my Erotic World. The room is about the sensual female side.. Having a lot of erotic teases, games and all to make your time in Erotic Crew great:) If you are looking for something else, please just find some of the very a lot another rooms to fit you. I like to share my time with gentlemen, people who appreciate the beauty and the pure soul, people that are sucessful, know how to treat a lady.

P.S. Scrow to find all current raffles, clubs and information. I am adding new things and updating every day. All my best wishes - Elena

~~~~~What NEW for January 2018~~~~~

1. --->Votes for FIRST *EroticTease* VIDEO:<---(All the January everyone can vote online or offline, with tip notes if offine. That choice with most votes will be my First video. Will make it february so stay in touch for PRE-ORDER special option and discount! )

Strip Indoor=23t: 74 votes!

Strip Outdoor=27t: 50 votes!

Strip&Teases with another Model=29t: 64 votes!

2. --->Next 3 days sceduale<---

21st of January: 6 untill 9 am and 2 pm untill 5 pm or longer Seattle WA time

22nd of January: 5:30 untill 9 am and 2 untill 4 or 5 pm Seattle time - Big chance to be offline both time if have too much work this monday.

23th of January: 2pm untill 4 or 5 pm

Tags: Erotic, tease, dance, strip, striptease, inteligent, smile, natural, hot, funny, long hair, dancer, thin, tiny, sensual, private, stockings, nice ass, non nude, smart, natural tits, vegan, pretty, lips, touch, classy, Elegant, High heels, Oil
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My Schedule
Sunday I'm Usually online from 12:00 am until 2:00 am
Monday I'm Usually online from 12:00 am until 2:00 am
Tuesday I'm Usually online from 12:00 am until 2:00 am
Wednesday I'm Usually online from 12:00 am until 2:00 am
Thursday I'm Usually online from 12:00 am until 2:00 am
Friday I'm Usually online from 12:00 am until 2:00 am
Saturday I'm Usually online from 12:00 am until 2:00 am
Interests & Hobbies
Meaning of Life:

*************LOVERS CLUB**************

**LOVERS: 1001t Single tip Online or offline

Every 1001t Give you 1 Bronze Star (*)

You can exchange your Stars for prizes!


ZOMBIELUVR: 17 Bronze Stars

MFCSLAVE: 17 Bronze Stars

ANON: 4 Bronze Stars

ROSSETTO: 3 Bronze Stars

NIGHTIMELUVR: 2 Bronze Stars

SUPERMAN: 2 Bronze Star

ALEC: 1 Bronze Star

***BEST LOVERS: 3003t Single online or offline tip

Every 3003t single tip give you 1 Silver Star(*). You can exchange your Silver Stars for prizes.


SUPERMAN: 3 Silver Stars

MFCSLAVE: 1 Silver Star


7007t single online or offline tip give you one Golden Star.You can exchange your Gold Stars for prizes.

*****MASTER LOVER: Memeber who has at least 5 Stars(*) at each of the previous 3 clubs (Lovers, Best Lovers and Special Lovers) gets One Diamond Star or by Single tip of 41 000t. You can exchange your Diamond Stars for special prizes.

~~~~~PRIZES - can choose from all prizes to exchange for your Stars:~~~~~

=>SNAPCHAT=9 Bronze Stars/3 Silver Stars/ 2 Gold Stars/ 1 Diamond Star(Including Welcome to Snapchat pics and video!)

=>SET Very Erotic CUSTOM Snapchat PICS: 15 Bronze Stars/ 5 Silver Stars/ 3 Golden Stars/ 1 Diamond Star (Including Extra Set)

=>3 Very Erotic CUSTOM Snapchat VIDEOS: 21 Bronze Stars/ 9 Silver Stars/ 4 Golden Stars/ 1 Diamond Star (Including Extra Videos)

=>Rights for NAKED TRUE PVT: 27 Bronze Stars/ 11 Silver Stars/ 5 Golden Stars/ 1 Diamond Star (Including to choose Outfit and how long to be the Pvt, appointment comfortable for you time)

=>PROFFESSIONAL PICTURES SET BY YOUR IDEA: 99 Bronze Stars/ 33 Silver Stars/ 15 Golden Stars/ 2 Diamond Stars

=> CUSTOM EROTIC VIDEO 21 Mins Long: 99 Bronze Stars/ 33 Silver Stars/ 15 Golden Stars/ 2 Diamond Stars

=>TO SEND YOU ITEM(Lingerie, Hand wrotten Naked picture of me...or something else if comfortable to): 111 Bronze Stars/ 37 Silver Stars/ 17 Golden Stars/ 2 Diamond Stars

More prizes soon:)

Favorite Books:


Higgest online, offline and comulative tipper each month for all the month automatically Join to this club where Every Member Gets PERSONAL GIFT FROM ME ON HIS BDAY!

*Need send me mfc mail the previous month of your bday month with details when is your Bday and so on!

Favorite Songs: **********EROTIC WORLD GEM CLUB*********

~~~10 000t - 19 999t ~~~

Antonio - 10 000t

Antonio - 15 000t

Rossetto1 - 15 000t

Ninja - 15 001t


~~~20 000t - 49 999t~~~

Rossetto - 22 725t

Rossetto - 30 300t


~~~50 000t - 99 999t~~~


~~~100 000t ++++++~~~



***Updates here soon!!!!

Favorite Movies: 1
If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now: Bali





No raffles available for this year still. Stay in touch when will start the first one.




Congrats to ZOMBIELUVR won 2 hours skype date!!!

Congrats to THEONE won 1 hour skype date!

Congrats to ANTONIOS345 won 30 mins skype date by draw!!!!

--->113t RAFFLE! Winner gets THE BLACK DEVIL OUTFIT GALLERY!<--- Congrats to Rossetto!!!!


Conrats to ZombieLuvr!!!!


Talents: Love to dance
Perfect Mate: RULES:

1. Use only my name Elena. No: hun, bb, baby, love, princes, sweethearth and so on.

2. Not send me kisses. Not wait to send you kisses.

3. Not talk dirty - not in public, not in tip notes, not in pvts or groups, not in PM, not in mfc mail.

4. Keep gentleman behaviour and show that appreciate me and my time here and tip. If no gentleman behaviour I do ban, no matter how much tokens spend in my room or your member points.

5. Not just stay to stare because will kick you from the toom. If do same again 2-3 times will ban you.

6. Read Bio and respect me, my room rules and the members there.

7. Never c2c!

Thank you that reading and respecting all these! To all that not respect anything can see "nice" comments on my wall lol

Perfect Date: ******MY SCHEDUALE******:

I am usually 1 or 2 times a day online - around 5 am Seattle time and around 2 pm lunch time Seattle time.

If have Day off Tip then I am not online all day. :)))

Have option in my Tip menu in Bio to make an appointment for True Pvt with me in certain time, that is best for you. Need to tip the ammount in the Bio and to send me on mfc mail which day what time is best for you. Minimum one day earlier!

Thank you!

Turn Ons/Offs: If like to make me a GIFT can use *****OFFLINE TIPS***** Would love that:)

If like can use *****GIFT CARD**** for my favourite site.

You need just my mail and the link for the site, very easy. And similar to amaon but I prefer this site because is with branded quality clothes and shoes, lingerie and etc. and copy the link. There just need paste my mail and to choose what ammount to be the gift card. If liked something specific from the site can send to me mfc mail before that to ask can I take it or I dontlike it.

The link is:

Message Wall
Rossetto... Happy Happy
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Years
Dont be greedy bb
Nope, just like the others, you didn't ban me young lady. Same story as them. Sorry for your self-esteem but I barely stayed in your room (you were busy and I was not interested) and moved on before you used your technique on me. you can keep on resorting to your "frustrated, rejected, disappointed, rude guys" argument over and over again, I think everybody has figured you out by now... And read the section, it's about 10 different people complaining about you since march 2017... That must be some kind of record here... But i guess they're all frustrated, disappointed, rude people, right ? And I personally will always make myself a duty (for others) to call out people who deserve to be
I see only 3-4 people that some of them comes every day to watch for free... I see people that never tipped me and probably not like to tip and the anothers. I see people that have so much free time that try to mae comments page like forum. Last time asking politely to leave forever this room and page, you are not welcome here long time ago. Etacos, I remember your nick name and I am sure banned you os so. So all disappointed from me and my room people to stop stay here and to try to have my attention lol I do with people like you: ban, lifeban, ignore. If need will do and more. I am making Erotic World in this room and I decide and have the rights to CHOOSE TO NOT COMUNICATE AND IGNORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU 3-4 DISAPPOINTED GUYS. Funny
That's why these girls are only fooling the very naive, my friends ) and how you recognize real interesting women here. Every smart, pro camgirl knows that your profile (specially the small one) are primordial. Not only the fact that she didn't even care making a real, personalized one, but all these huge, eye-popping mistakes don't lie about her commitment, carefulness and class. Added with all the different people complaining about her behaviour and the way she constantly resort to her "rudeness" and "banning" arguments, it just lets her appear her real personality. But there always be enough deluded people to bite...)
And if you were so highly educated, you would have done what evey basic camgirl is doing... Type your profiles first in a word processor with automatic corrector, smart young girl. I'm sure there's even directly that option on MFC... It would have avoided you to embarass yourself like that.
Good question. Ask yourself why there are so many different people complaining about your behaviour, young lady... I've read Martin and Delta comments before you deleted them. Just like me, you didn't banned them. I only stayed a few secondes in your room while you were actively occupied in a "tease" with another member tipping then left and YOU stalked me (and them) in PM, fishing for more tokens by trying to make them feel "rude" (your classic technique). Stop lying and stalking people and maybe, they'll stop calling you out.
Omg Why here is full with people like this guy wisemartin all that so sick and agry I do Not want their company and banned becuse they as we see are rude people who stalk and fill time using to write on people profiles! I dont read all of these kind of comments because not care about people that I banned opinion! Just to let you know MY NATIVE LANGUAGE IS NOT ENGLISH. I am hightly educated person and know my natie language perfect. English is one of the another languages that learning! I use my time investinng in myself not stalking people. So advice: Stop loose time in stalking people and to say lies and rude things. Because I am lady enought to not say all names that would fit to yuor words and behaviour!
Of course, you're reading our comments... And you're right, we'll continue to PM each other (without ultimatums, lol) to laugh out loud at a ridiculous, deluded, begging camgirl... "Small bussiness owner, manager, professional model" looool. MFC is also a social network, smart, young lady, and people exchange a lot, specially about arrogant, weird women like you trying to fool about where they are and what they do... You have reputation here you know...
Oh, and smart, classy lady searching for successful men... you should make a little effort (or at least think about using a corrector) with your spelling and syntax. Because all the mistakes in your profile just make you look like what you are... an uneducated, lazy girl not even taking 5 min to take care of what she's writting for her gentlemen. lol
Guys, even will not read your comments lol Why you both not find a forum or just to keep dm to each other lol ...
Hello, guys. Yes, I often ask members who comes in my room, especially when are the only members in my room! What is the reason to enter, to stay and watch (usually when I do something) and very rude to just leave, sometimes after I am said HELLO already in public! So I try to understand why is that with so many guys! That is not only in my room! So I ask these people before often to just ban them! I am enought polite person to ask about the reson! Delta and Martin, think and believe you better stay way of my room, another rooms will fit you better! I am doing Erotic World place and will comunicate only with the people that fit to this place! Like Antonio and another people, Antonio, thank you for the great behaviour always!
Thank You Elena for the wonderful True Private, if you guys have not taking her, your really missing out. Definatly an erotic world you have never seen before. Will leave you always satisfied and wanting more.
Lol I see some guys here are so long here and having so much free time! Tristan someone I understand your life is so boring and you so lonely so you go trought models pages and write them like 13yo boy and try to get some attention... Or you just want all models to give you teases and all for free and ofc girls with tip menu are not real woman... LOL That is not some chat forum! Its wall where guys can write nice things usually! I have comments here from a few guys like you that cant allow 199t for erotic boobs tease and start to write here So I have a lot of fun but in same time I am sad because understand how many cheap guys there are infact.... Not only cheap! People like you that are nice to a models when try to get free and when not get start to talk like you!!! So I choose to share my time with gentlemen! And to make Erotic World where is No place for people like you! No place for people that not know how to treat me and the members in my foom! So I just ban and ignore. I am sure you have not one account like all stalkers here like you! But just ban and ignore to all! You dont deserve and that attention!
Lol Thank you, Eagle but I have real fun with some comments here from guys that never tip or tip 10t and when you not give them all the attention, get naked and so on ...they start to write these comments. Glad when get these kind of comments because is visible that I am been 1000% right when banned this guy!
You are wrong Tristan, Elena is a real beautiful human being. All models on here worry about cam score and tokens, it's their job. She does have respect for others. She talks to me even when she is off this site, she cares because she is a real woman with real feelings. Maybe if you spend time with her and get to know her, you would understand this. She has never asked me for 1 token, her room is for real men, which seem to be very little around here.
tu as l'air conne ....
Thank you for this comment, holy Its interesting how many new sites I learned here from some of guys like you.. Think kids have no place on all these sites.. Hmm
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