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Username: Joey_Kim
Gender: Female
Weight: 92 pounds
Height: 65 inches
Age: 28
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
About Me:
this august, only
daily shows
on m.f.c.
Joey Kim

Globetrotting Dancer & Model
Striptease Artist
Live Cam Artist
Self Portraitist


4 x miss MFC, August
Innovative Cam Artist
Live Cam Awards, 2019
from the birthplace of Neo-Burlesque

Secret Garden


" Absolutely gorgeous! Just watched and I'm once again blown away! Joey is like a living flower inviting you into her garden. The sounds of nature from the wind and trees moving to Joey's gentle voice. Take the key and enter the secret "

RED LIGHTS, amsterdam

DUSK'TIL DAWN, las vegas



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Tags: sexy, asian, free spirited, sweet, cute, globetrotter, dancer, striptease artist, happy
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Wow, love the new titties
5 stars is certainly not enough when rating someone as sweet and beautiful as yourself, Joey but 5 stars it is. I've actually only had the pleasure of visiting your room twice now (due to a conflict in schedules) but am convinced that you are the sweetest, kindest young lady here at MFC. ALWAYS 5 stars.
Simply the best Ive ever seen on here! True to her beliefs and still sexy as can be! wow!!!
Lahhhhhhhhve you =3
Hey you're really cool, and inspiring. I'm new here and still trying to figure out exactly who I am on this sight, it's nice to see someone who knows that about themselves for certain and isn't afraid to say what they will and will not do. Very artful. Lacy
when are u ever on
True courage requires deep honesty and the other way round. You prove it. Thank you, particularly for recognizing that what happens here is not solely sexual or crass economics, but also genuine generosity.
You are certainly a brave and intriguing soul. I hope to see you online some day. Just stumbled upon your profile...
Dear Joey, I miss you. Love, Me
Why I know that all is well on Earth: Sometimes I wake up feeling tired - I just want to go back to sleep. Then I think of Joey and I'm wide awake and ready to face any challenge. Sometimes it seems like I have all the problems in the world weighing down on my back. Then thoughts of Joey remind me that anything is possible and I figure out how to move forward. Sometimes life just sucks, the dragon wins, it's raining on my head and everyone is just pissed at me for stuff I don't even know about. Then Joey comes to mind and the answers just appear before me. Sometimes I wonder why I even try. Then I remember: I try for Joey. All is well on Earth.
your profile is well written and thoughtful, very unique and rare...i hope to see more of your photography, perhaps you'll publish latter...
Once again Joey you're true to yourself and true to your word. Great job sweetheart, I would have liked t have seen your presentation but judging from the response and critique I believe everything went well. Once everyone gets beyond the shock or whichever way they percieve it I'm sure they will see you as the honest, open, creativ and wonderfull girl you truly are. That took some nerve to do but you pulled it off honey.
Congratulations for an awesome month in April. You did it and you were GREAT. Wish you much luck, fun, and happiness in May also. ***SMILE***
Just want to leave some love on your wall. Thanks for poppin my wall cherry xD
It's a shame that our schedules conflict (you're on when I'm asleep, lol) since I enjoyed being in your room so much that one evening. You left quite an impression. Meanwhile, I've continued to rate you 5 stars and admire. I do hope to catch you again someday. You are a very beautiful spirit.
Hey Joey, you are an amazing person, you are beautiful, funny and you have a great personality, whenever you dought yourself just read this
I just want to let you know that I admire you very much. I know I don't see you much, but you can blame that on those damn time zones. When you come on, I'm already sleeping the night away. I sincerely hope you will reach your goal for this month: #panda4missapril. Keep on #fighting. With love, Roland.
You are the greatest here)))thank you for being you)
You are one of the first girls I've ever seen on MFC, and the reason I keep returning in hopes to spark that feeling when I first saw you.
Hey Joey! Just to let you know, you're just about starting the second quarter of your journey this month. You've already accomplished so much<3 ! Keep fighting and keep working hard! There's nothing you can't do if you set your mind and your heart to it! FIGHTING! <3
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